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I specialize in helping busy women over 40 become the STRONG badass babe they were always meant to be by showing them how to balance their hormones so that they can lose weight and get lean, ALL without putting in long hours at the gym or giving up delicious foods.

REAL growth happens when you get tired of your own shit. Life is not fair! It's up to you to accept that unfairness and own what you need to do to make positive change.

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My name is Kim Watson-Pitts, I am a certified personal trainer and the owner of Down South Strong.

I have been all shapes and sizes and one thing remains constant, if you do not treat your body with love and respect, you will never be happy in your own skin, no matter the "size".

After the age of 40, all of the things that I used to do in my 20's and 30's to lose weight just did not seem to work anymore. Not to mention, I no longer had the mental capacity to do hardcore diets or long workout sessions.

When I finally chose to break free of the diet obsession, I was able to create a life that was filled with self-acceptance and a STRONG sense of power I never realized I had.

I learned to ebb and flow with whatever season my body was in and appreciate her for what she was giving me. That, my beautiful babes, is when I truly learned self-love!

I want you to experience the same transformational journey to uncover YOUR badass self! 


Find recipes, workouts, and motivation!


Kim is a knowledgeable and honest trainer offering one on one personal training, meal plans, and someone to ask any fitness question you can think of. Come in with a plan and  Kim will refine that plan until the results are maxed out. Trustworthy, understanding, and will push you to your limit.




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