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Do you feel stuck….

Have you ever been scrolling through the timeline of Facebook or Instagram and seen those “lose weight in 30 days” ads, or have you ever searched Google for weight loss recipes, or healthy meal prep recipes?

(Of course you have!! I know, because I have too! That may even be what brought you here.)

I want to read about all of the latest ways to stay healthy and in shape by putting in as little work as possible!

If you are like most gals here, you too want to know the best possible way to have a happy, healthy body that you can love and that feels great!

Well babe, I already have it taken care of for you!

  • 1-HOUR COACHING CALL: We kick-off the program with a one hour coaching call for me to learn everything I need to about you so that I can design your plan to be personalized to YOU.

  • WEEKLY MEAL PLANS & GROCERY LIST: You will get a personalized sample meal plan EACH WEEK, with meals laid out for you each day so that you do not have to guess what you should be eating next. It will also include an easy to follow grocery list so that you will save time and money while shopping.

  • FULL COLOR RECIPE GUIDE: The full color recipe guide is made up of REAL, delicious food (no rabbit food here). It is a beautiful, easy to print guide so that you will have weeks of healthy recipe choices right at your fingertips.

  • (12) 30-MINUTE WEEKLY COACHING CALLS: Each week we will have a 30-minute coaching call so that I can help keep you accountable to your goals, I can stay up to date on any changes that need to be made to the plan, and we can address any struggles that you may be having.

  • PRIVATE EXERCISE LIBRARY: While exercise is not required to find success with this program, there are a TON of healthy benefits that come along with it. You will get a sample exercise plan that can be done at home or the gym as well as access to my personalized exercise library so that you can access demonstrations for every movement on the plan.

  • “GEEKY” HEALTH & WELLNESS MODULES EACH WEEK: You will get access to your very own personalized client portal to access modules each week in the program so that you can learn more about the ways to improve your health and wellness both physically and mentally. I will talk to you about nutrition, movement, sleep, self-care, hormones, your feminine power, supplements and much more. Some videos, some stuff to read, but all in good fun so it doesn’t feel like work.

You will also get access to our private Facebook community of women that are all on their very own journey to finding their happy, healthy body weight. The support from this group is amazing and helpful when you are looking for a little extra support or push.

This is not like any other “weight loss” program that you have followed.

I make it my goal to give you the absolute best personalized experience so that you can

  • Gain full control over your health, fitness and food choices.

  • Feel sexy and confident in your body and enjoy your life again.

  • Love yourself and your body at any size.

  • Understand exactly what your body needs, how to properly fuel it, and what movements will make you feel amazing.

  • Feel more strong, more calm, more connected, and more balanced.

  • Set an example for those around you and love.

I want you to walk away from me with all of the tools that you need to continue to find success on your journey.

How do you get started?

During this 30-minute call we will briefly discuss your goals, what you have tried, and what has not worked for you. Then, together, we will design a strategy that is unique to you and your circumstances.

I cannot wait to talk with you!

~Kim Watson-Pitts

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